Race FAQs

How do I sign up?

Two choices for sign up.
1) Register online at Eventbrite.
2) Download the CAC registration form and mail it along with check or money order to the following address: PO Box 484, Elkhorn WI 53121

When will packet pickup take place?

There will be 2-3 packet pickup opportunities, with 1 opportunity always being morning of the race and the other 1-2 opportunities in the 1-2 weeks prior to the event. Obviously if you register on the same day as one of the listed pre-race day packet pickup opportunities, we WILL NOT have your packet ready for pickup on that same day. Event specific packet pickup dates and times will be listed on our website and Facebook page.

Can I have someone else pickup my bib number and packet?

Registration materials must be picked up by each individual participant with a picture I.D. (driver’s license); no I.D. means no registration packet! Participants and/or family members MAY NOT pick up packets for other athletes. If the registered athlete is unable to pick their packet up in person with I.D., then they may make a photo copy of their I.D. and on that paper copy write a note stating who is authorized to pick their packet up for them. That authorized person is then allowed to bring that signed photo copy of the registered athletes I.D. along with their own personal photo I.D. and pickup that athlete’s packet. Whoever utilizes the bib number in a packet after it is picked up by the registered athlete or “authorized person” is up to them. Why are we being such sticklers you ask? Because, anyone could technically come and take another participant’s packet if we didn’t check I.D.

Can I get a REFUND, TRANSFER or RESELL my registration?

All entries for individual participants are non-transferable and non-refundable and non-resellable.

What is included in my registration packet?

You will receive a bib number, safety pins for pinning your bib to the FRONT of your shirt, an event t-shirt and plenty of SWAG.

Is the event full?

Well, if it says “Sold Out,” then yes, the event is full. If you don’t see a “Sold out” sign on our website, and you’re able to get into the registration portal online, then we still have registration available. It’s that simple… that’s how we roll!

Is there day of race registration?

IF the event hasn’t reached capacity, there will be registration onsite leading up to the time of the last wave. Hurry though, lines may be long and it’s highly likely we’ll run out of shirts. You will need valid photo I.D. to register and will need to sign all necessary waivers.

What time should I arrive at the race?

We recommend arriving 30-45 minutes ahead of your wave time, to have time to register, park, warm up, etc…

What wave am I in and what time will it leave?

Your wave number is your bib number… we’re so clever. If you have a big giant #1 on your bib, it’s not only because we feel you’re Number ONE, it’s also because you’ll be in the first wave. You can count on Wave #1 going out onto the course at precisely the time stated in the race information, then each wave after that will start about 15 minutes after the last one. Please run with your assigned wave as we try to space everyone out enough to help minimize congestion and keep the fun rolling.

How do I make sure I get in the same wave with a group of friends or a specific team?

During your online registration, just make sure everyone on your team registers under the same team name.

I need to switch waves, update my team name or fix some errors in some of my registration info (age, birthday, emergency info, etc), how do I go about getting those changes/updates made?

Email us at cac@tds.net with those change requests.

Are there any registration discounts I can use?

Ah, we KNEW you’d ask that! Yes, you can sign up a team of 4 or more and get a $5 per person discount on tickets. (Does not include child’s tickets)

How old do you have to be to participate?

The minimum age is 12 for extreme run and 6 for couch potato run. All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. With that said, there are many 30 year olds out there that could not walk/jog a 5K…so just be smart. If you’ve never walk/jogged more than the distance from the couch to your refrigerator, then you might want to strongly consider a training program to get you up to par so you’ll be able to finish and enjoy your experience or sign up for our Couch Potato run!

What skill level do you have to be at to compete?

If you can walk, jog or run a 5K while going over and thru some obstacles (you don’t HAVE to do the obstacles as stated above) then you will be golden!

Is this event timed?

Worried about your finish time? Well, you shouldn’t be! This event is most certainly not about who finishes in the fastest time. So if you are looking for a competitive, fast running event…this is not it! Wanna know your time, bring a watch! Timing chips will NOT be distributed and results will NOT be kept.

What are the obstacles?

We do not come right out and say what the obstacles are on the maps, cause that would ruin all the fun. Each obstacle is named, and with a little imagination, we’re sure you’ll be able to get a general idea of what each one entails.

Am I required to complete all the obstacles?

Only if you want to! Of course, the obstacles are part of the race, but if you have some sorta hangup about any of them, feel free to skirt around. This is a FUN event, and if you’re not having fun, what’s the point. Nobody from the event will FORCE you to do an obstacle you’re not comfortable with. Now if your pals bug you about it, then give ‘em a good old fashioned comeback like “SO…” or “I know you are but what am I!”

Will there be water/medical help on the course?

Yes, water aid stations will be available every mile on the course as well as volunteers at those obstacles where chances of injury might occur (tripping, scrapped knees, etc). Should you come to an obstacle where there is not a medic, but you are in need of assistance, just grab the volunteer that is in a brightly colored vest stationed at that obstacle and they will radio for help.

What should I bring/wear?

If you are picking your packet up race morning, be sure to bring your ID! We suggest you wear lightweight clothing/athletic shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy. Cleats will not be permitted for safety of other runners. Be sure to bring some spending money (cash or credit only) to hit the snack table, buy lunch or check out our other merchandise for sale.

Will there be a place to clean up after?

There will be a hose down station and this isn’t heated water, and isn’t private. It’s meant to hose the giant globs of dirt off that you don’t want in your car when you leave. Please don’t modify the hose down stations as that will cause all of the other lines not to work. Check event map for location.

Are cameras allowed?

Yes, but as you might know, MUD and electronics do not mix. So, unless you don’t want to risk ruining your nice $300 digital camera, we suggest you leave the pics up to our photography company and leave your camera at home.

Can spectators go out on the course to watch and take pictures?

YES! We love spectators and we love having them out there on the course to cheer you on. Spectators are in charge of getting themselves out and back to wherever it is they want to go on the course. Just beware…they might come away a little dirty themselves. Oh, and we also ask that they of course stay out of the way of those running as well as not getting on any of the obstacles.

Is there a spectator fee?

No! there is no fee for watching, however there is a $10.00 parking fee for all nonparticipants.

Will there be somewhere I can store some items while I race?

A secure bag drop will be available at or near the registration area where you can check your personal belongings while you go get a little dirty! We highly suggest you bring your own bag to store your belongings in.

Are there any hotels in the area?

Good question, yes the following hotels are near by:
HAMPTON INN , ELKHORN – 40 W. Hidden Trail, Elkhorn – 262-743-2360
AMERICINN – Highway 67 & I 43 – Elkhorn – 262.723.7799
Thomas Hotel – 840 North Wisconsin Street – Elkhorn – 262.729.2955
CROSSROADS MOTEL – US Highway 12 & 67 – Elkhorn – 262.742.2300
LAKELAWN RESORT – 2400 Geneva St – Delavan – 262.728.7950