Balestrieri’s Cancer Assault Challenge 5-Year Story

Balestrieri Environmental has been a huge proponent of Cancer Assault Challenge from the beginning. Through event and obstacle scholarships, as well as volunteer opportunities at different parts of the course and in the parking lot, the Balestrieri team has consistently shown their support for the annual event.

For one of our project managers, Mike Ruenz, the most memorable moment during an event was when his high school sweetheart (now fiance) drove up from North Carolina to attend. While participating, a few co-workers convinced him to dive into the mud headfirst! Mike isn’t a fan of the mud, but he had a blast building camaraderie with other Balestrieri employees.

Mike has admitted he’s not an experienced cross country runner, but loves attending Cancer Assault Challenge each year. He feels it brings team members together outside of the work environment, builds them socially, and often allows them to learn something new about each other. What an excellent opportunity for co-workers’ families to meet, engage, and work together for a great cause!